Following many years experience in the development of custom-built automation control systems for a wide variety of industries, Technman introduced its Control-it range. This is a comprehensive and integrated family of electronic controllers enabling distributed control of industrial systems and processes from any PC. The Control-it range is intended for application in many industries where mechanical, or electrical/electronic processes or systems are to be monitored or controlled. Technman I/O controllers play a key role in controlling automated factory and materials handling systems by detecting inputs from sensors, conveying signals to and from a PC and activating switches and other operations.


Typically those most interested in the Control-it range include;

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electronics systems integrators
  • Engineers responsible for factory automation or control of production lines
  • Warehousing specialists
  • Agricultural or petrochemical engineers
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Educational establishments which specialise in the teaching of automation and control

Technman sells its Control-it systems to clients in USA, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.


Design Standards:

Technman Electronics’ focus is on achievement of the highest engineering standards in design, testing, product assembly and on-going customer support. This includes rigorous product testing in industrial environments. The Control-it modules have gained CE mark accreditation. Here’s what some Technman customers have said.

“Our main reason for using Technman equipment has been the advanced technology it employs and the quality of design built into it.”

“We have continued to be impressed by the value for money and the solid engineering design built into the Technman product range.”

“An example of the high standard of Technman circuit card engineering is their immunity to ‘noise’ from external equipment or electric cables. Another is the ‘electrician-friendly’ design of their modules, with clear labelling of terminations on all circuit cards.”

“The cards can be plugged and unplugged without cooking the circuit board. The Control-it modules have been well thought out to meet the diverse demands of potential users in any industrial environment.”


Technman places major importance on its modules being highly reliable in the field. Its track record in this area is very sound, as evidenced by the comments of Technman clients.

“Over the past fifteen years we have found the Technman product range to be extremely reliable. We are still using servo cards that were installed over ten years ago. Technman units invariably work when they are first unpacked and then continue to work in the long term.”

“Our experience has been product that runs straight out of the box, is highly reliable, is easy to work with and is superbly supported.”

Ease of Installation

The Control-it range has been designed specifically with an eye to easy installation by those without a specialised knowledge of electronics. Clear labelling, comprehensive documentation and standard screw driver connections all contribute to a straightforward installation process. Some customer’s comments.

“Installation of ‘Control-it’ units has been a simple task for our electricians, working from diagrams and documentation supplied by Technman.”

“In our experience, users with varying levels of skill should be able to install the modules without difficulty.”

Support Service

Technman has a reputation for after-sale service which is second to none. A comprehensive 3 year warranty is provided with all Technman products at no additional charge. Service continues to be available over an extended period.

“We have been a client of Technman Electronics since 1984 and over that time have always been impressed with the high standard of their products and support services.”

For more information on Technman and its products and services please feel free to contact us.