0000329_5020-digital-output-module16 relays rated 230VAC 5amps

Model 5020

Key Benefits

Standard screwdriver connection to your wiring – no soldering or crimping needed
The test-mode features a simple command line for easy testing
Hot-swapping of I/O devices makes troubleshooting hassle free

5020 brochure

50×0 Installation Manual

Software Manual


High Performance:

This module can be set to run at 3 times the speed of other units, delivering improved accuracy of process response
If speed is important, then addition of the 5100, 5101 or 5102 board in this series allows 10 times greater speed whilst maintaining accuracy
Output capability of 5A per output


Can be controlled from the serial port of any computer using the 5001 RS232-485 converter
Supports the industry standard OPTO22 communications protocol and inexpensive RS485 two wire network
16 relay outputs have 4 separate commons allowing use of up to 4 different power sources

Easy to Install:

Panel or DIN rail mountable, or can be stacked with a stacking kit
Well labelled, robust enclosure for simple installation
Can be used with most standard power adaptors
All connectors can be unplugged
The 5021 adaptor can be used for a further reduction of wiring complexity


Fully floating circuitry protects your computer from power spikes
Microprocessor controlled watchdog feature disables all outputs in the extremely unlikely event of processor failure

Built-in Reliability:

Designed to exceed international standards for noise immunity
Complete isolation of all comms and I/O sections minimises outside interference errors
21 LEDs and a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide for easy diagnosis of suspected system fault

Used In:

Remote lighting
Materials Handling
Production Lines
Fruit-grading systems
Industrial laundries
Heating/ventilation Systems
Custom Machinery
Many other applications


Unregulated supply 12V or 24Vdc
Max power consumption (12Vdc) 375mA
Max power consumption (24Vdc) 390mA
Comms power consumption 22mA
Communication network Isolated RS485
Communications protocol OPTO22 or memory mapped
Size in mm 172(w) x 120(h) x 30(d) (6.8″x 4.7″x 1.2″)
DIN rail adapter Add 32mm to depth (d)
DIN rail adapter Add 32mm to depth (d)
With 5021 adapter Add 40mm to height (h) and 8mm to depth (d)
Maximum N/O contact rating 5A at 30Vdc and 250Vac
Isolation distance 9.5mm
Relay isolation 10kVat 1.2×50Āµs standard surge wave
Dielectric/ Surge strength 5kVac for 1 minute between coil and contact 750Vac for 1 minute between open contact
Maximum switching voltage 250Vac or 30Vdc